Sola Gratia

Grace is almost universally recognized as being something we admire and desire, but paradoxically, grace is also something we hate to think we need. We resist grace whenever we seek to hold on to some measure of merit in ourselves. It is the realization of this fact that the third of the Reformation solas, Sola Gratia, or … More Sola Gratia

Solus Christus

In this post, I continue my consideration of the five solas of the Reformation. There is no standard sequence to the solas. They were developed in the twentieth century as a way to capsulize and summarize the distinctives of the Reformers, but for the Reformers themselves, these simply were all rolled into their understanding of Scripture and … More Solus Christus

Sola Scriptura

As you already know, unless you’ve been living like one of the Desert Fathers, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is coming up soon. As a Protestant theologian, I simply cannot ignore that (not that I want to)! In honor of the upcoming anniversary, I will spend the next five posts reflecting on the five … More Sola Scriptura